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Estate Planning

Amelia Law Group, PLLC is well versed in all aspects of estate planning. We can prepare comprehensive plans for you and your family during the stages of building wealth, or for more sophisticated inter-generational transfers of wealth, please refer to our Private Wealth Planning page. Estate plans for individuals and couples should be prepared and revised for all stages of life: particularly after notable events such as marriage, birth of children, divorce, remarriage, retirement, the death of a spouse or material changes in net worth. 

Amelia Law Group, PLLC provides current and sophisticated legal and tax advice related to the following:

  • Revocable Trust - with and without tax planning
  • Joint Revocable Trust - with and without tax planning
  • Standyby Trust
  • Life Insurance Irrevocable Trust
  • Last Will and Testament - Simple and Complex
  • Last Will and Testament with Testamentary Trust

With each estate plan prepared by Amelia Law Group, PLLC, we provide our clients with Durable Powers of Attorney, Designations of Heath Care Surrogate, Living Wills, Declarations of Preneed Guardians and HIPAA Authorizations.

For parents with minor children, we prepare a medical power of attorney for each child, which can be used by your designated representative in the event of the parent's travels or unavailability.

For parents with single adult children, we often prepare Health Care Surrogate and Living Wills for each child, particularly in light of the HIPPA laws. This becomes an invaluable asset when a child is unable to make medical decisions, medical appointments or obtain medical records.